Our Story

"Hardware is like a piece of jewellery, it's meant to be admired, appreciated, and enjoyed everyday!"



The face of MAPIO.

MAPIO meaning Maree in Greek, is an architectural design house, specialising in unique and inspiring pieces determined to satisfy ones flair for all things interiors and design. 

MAPIO originated from my personal project of building and renovating our family home. Having a reputation of being extremely indecisive, the one thing that I was confident and passionate in, was hardware!

Being a part of a family business that specialises in manufacturing hardware, it was a natural progression for me to develop a brand that could create another design dimension for those wanting a true statement piece, just like I did. 

My love of hardware and all things brass and gold, began around 6 years ago, when I came across a diamond-cut, cross knurled pattern on a door handle. This beautiful, unique detailing, soon became the cornerstone of all design decisions throughout our home. It was then that I decided I wanted to share with others the same feeling that I got seeing a beautiful piece adorn their cabinetry and home.

MAPIO has evolved through my love of seeing beauty in every individual piece and I hope to help inspire your own creativity! 

Maree xx

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